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Over the past decade I'm sure you  have seen all the ads in magazines, late night infomercials, and more, touting "magic" pills or creams to enlarge your penis.  I'm here to tell you this, they are a scam, PERIOD.  While many herbal pills do enhance erection power, you are not going to gain 2-4 inches like most offers claim.  This is pure non-sense.  There is however a sure fire way to enhance your penis size and strength naturally; Natural penis enlargement exercises.  The best thing you can do for your overall penile and urinary health, besides eat healthy and exercise, is to exercise your penis and testicles 3-4 times a week for 10-15 minutes using a set of tried and true penis exercises that have worked for millions of men worldwide over the last decade.

Please note:  This website receives no financial benefits for our top recommendation for your penis enlargement goals.  As you can see, there are no affiliate links on this site.  We only made this site to lead you in the right direction to avoid getting scammed.  Let's begin:


(taken with permission from our top recommendation,

"During arousal your spongy tissue that makes up your penis is engorged with blood to form an erection. These spongy tissues that fill with blood to cause the erection are called your Corpora Cavernosa and Corpus Spongesium. These spongy cell tissues can be forcefully stretched and stimulated larger than normal which is how natural penis enlargement takes place. Our exercises are very similar to body building for your penis, you stimulate the cells through gentle yet effective enlargement techniques that force the cells wider, larger and capable of holding more blood during an erection. While you sleep, the stressed penile chambers and cells heal and repair themselves forming larger, stronger chambers, thus increasing your erection firmness, size and fullness.

Over the course of several weeks, these penile cells and tissue have experienced the break-down and build-back effects of your enlargement techniques many times, thus creating a noticeably larger, longer, thicker and healthier penis as compared to when you first started. Over the course of several months, these effects can be multiplied many times over, creating the size that you desire. Our techniques also builds and form a larger "glans" (penis head) that many men and women desire. A larger penis head can be useful for more sexual stimulation during intercourse, resulting in more pleasure for you and your partner, and gives a pleasant aesthetic appearance to your penis. Remembers, we use NO PUMPS, PILLS, LOTIONS, WEIGHTS or other gimmicks to see these results, all you need are your hands! You get complete support from our friendly staff 24/7 by email, chat room and forum message boards. This is REAL penis enlargement the right way, the healthy and safe way.

Testimonial from "Jake, CT"

I just wanted to tell all of you that this program really does work. I was pretty skeptical when I first signed up for it, but all skepticism is GONE! I had been using the program on and off for the first 2 months I've been a member. As of the last two weeks, I have upped my exercising and have noticed quite an improvement. In the beginning, I measured myself out at 5.75 inches erect and am now at about 6 1/8 erect. Because I am lacking an accurate way to measure girth, so, I am not sure of the gains there. As far as flaccid, I have also seen improvement. Not as drastic as erect, but a gain of 1/4 of an inch has been established so far, taking me from 3.75 to an even 4 inches! To say that I intend to stick with the program is a complete UNDERSTATEMENT! I just can't believe the gains, but am VERY pleased.

With that said, I want to thank you for such a wonderful program that actually WORKS! Thank you again."

-Jake, CT

Here is a link to a page of more Testimonials from actual men who have used these methods and have seen good results.  WARNING:  Nudity of the male sexual organ is on this page also:  TESTIMONIALS FROM CLIENTS>>>


Client Feedback:


I started the program in May 1999. The results are astounding, growing from 6.0 to 7.5 inch in two months. I hope to reach 9.0 in a year. The girth grew from 5.0 to 5.75 inches and my goal is a girth of 7 inches at full steel-like erection. My wife is very pleased and continually wants to make love! Thank you, you are great for having such a program!

-Cecil Young


I started your program June 13, 1999, and have missed only 1 week of exercises since beginning. In 3 months my penis size has increased from 6" base to tip to 7.75 inches base to tip. I anticipate that an 8+ inch penis is possible within the next 3-4 months. Patience and persistence is the key to this exercise program. Never quit.... Thanks for the information....

-Terry E.


Hello, I want to start out by saying thank you for your website and manual. I ordered my program on Sept. 9th but I didn't get started right away. Now almost 3 months later I have noticed a difference in the length and girth of my penis by about 1 in. I started out just under 6in at 5 3/4in, now I'm at 6 3/4. Thanks again.

-Manterio Umstead

Got to tell ya I really was impressed with the results after a month - I didn't have any problems to speak of but was interested in improving my control and size. I went from a 6.5/7.0" length to a full 8.0" - the big deal was not the size increase but the improved circulation I received - the head increased a full inch in diameter and along with this more enjoyment with every stroke as it is hyper sensitive when erect due to the increased surface area. The program was worth every penny - feel sorry for those that don't know about this information.

-Richard S. Dallas, TX

Quick Fact: One of the techniques explained in our Program is an actual ancient Arab secret that was passed down from father to son at the point of puberty. The son's would use this technique for 15-30 minutes a day, and by the time they were grown men, it was not un-common to be sizes of 9 or 10 inches in length, with tremendous girth. This was done because it was believed to bring more sexual fulfillment to their bride, and was a symbol of virility and fertility to have a large well-developed penis. This is just one secret that is shared in detail in our program, both with written instructions and with online videos.

Stop feeling ashamed of your size: It's not your fault and it doesn't make you any less of a man. No need to feel inferior and embarrassed that you aren't as large as you would like to be. Now there's a solution. Be more confident in the locker room and in the bedroom. Stop suffering from locker room penis shyness and envy. Stand proud and make others the envious ones who wished they had what you possess. Quit wondering if your partner would get more pleasure if only you were larger. Show her that you are "large and in-charge" as you fill her up deeper than ever before and experience a whole new side of sexual fulfillment and pleasure that neither of you knew existed. It's totally up to you. We have everything you need to get the results you want.

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Real Permanent Penis Enlargement and Erection Strengthening Results for Life: Our methods work to build your penis stronger, longer and thicker through actual tissue building exercises. These exercises are enjoyable, and can be done with your partner as a means of foreplay if you so desire. These methods have worked for thousands of our clients, many of which have sent us testimonials of their spectacular results. This isn't hype, its 100% TRUTH.

PLEASE NOTE BEFORE CONTINUING: The following contains physical nudity of male genitalia and should only be viewed by mature individuals seeking professional care for correct & healthy penile functioning and size/strength/ability enhancement. These Photographs are used to show the effects and results of our program, and are in no way intended to be pornographic, distasteful, or offensive. We are a very professional and respected website, and we thank you for visiting. Please enjoy our information and we hope you develop yourself the way you want to be, and the way you've always wanted to feel...

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